In Pharmacology lab, students perform experiments related with action of drugs on animals both invivo&invitro models.

This laboratory has been equipped with the following major instruments /apparatus


Microscopes Haemocytometer with Micropipettes Sahli’shaemocytometer
Hutchinson’s spirometer Spygmomanometer Stethoscope
Permanent Slides for various tissues Models for various organs Specimen for various organs and systems
Skeleton and bones Different Contraceptive Devices and Models Muscle electrodes
Lucas moist chamber Myographiclever Stimulator
Centrifuge Electronic Balance Physical /Chemical Balance
Sherrington’s Kymograph Machine / Polyrite Sherrington Drum Perspex bath assembly (single unit)
Aerators Computer with LCD Software packages for experiment
Standard graphs of various drugs Actophotometer Rotarod
Pole climbing apparatus Analgesiometer (Eddy’s hot plate and radiant heat methods) Convulsiometer
Plethysmograph Digital pH meter  




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