Pharmacognosy & Biotechnology

In Pharmacognosy Lab, students are performing experiments related with microscopic, macroscopic features of medicinal plants. Also they extract phytoconstituents & identify it This laboratory has been equipped with the following major instruments /apparatus



Stage micrometer Zone reader Phase contrast/Trinocular Microscope
Camera Lucida Digital pH meter Refrigerated Centrifuge
Eye piece micrometer Microscope with stage and oil immersion objective Laminar airflow unit
Microscope with stage micrometer Moisture balance Diagnostic kits to identify infectious agents
Digital Balance Heating mantle Micropipettes (single and multi channeled)
Autoclave Vacuum pump Incubator water bath
Hot air oven Micropipettes (Single and multi channeled) Autoclave
B.O.D.incubator Micro Centrifuge Refrigerator
Refrigerator Projection Microscope Filtration Assembly
Laminar air flow Orbital shaker incubator Digital pH meter
Colony counter Gel Electrophoresis (Vertical and Horizontal)  


Reflux flask with condenser Clavengers apparatus TLC chamber and sprayer
Water bath Soxhlet apparatus Distillation unit