In Pharmaceutics Lab, students perform experiments related with formulation of different dosage form of drugs. This laboratory has been equipped with the following major instruments /apparatus


Homogenizer Digital balance (10 mg sensitivity) Microscopes
Stage and eye piece micrometers Brookfield’s viscometer Ball mill
Sieve shaker with sieve set Double cone blender Propeller type mechanical agitator
Autoclave Steam distillation still Vacuum Pump
Standard sieves, sieve no. 8, 10, 12,22,24, 44, 66, 80 Tablet punching machine Capsule filling machine
Ampoule washing machine Ampoule filling and sealing machine Tablet disintegration test apparatus IP
Tablet dissolution test apparatus IP Monsanto’s hardness tester Pfizer type hardness tester
Friability test apparatus Clarity test apparatus Ointment filling machine
Collapsible Tube Crimping Machine Tablet coating pan Magnetic stirrer, 500ml and 1 liter capacity, with variable speed control.
Digital pH meter All purpose equipment with all accessories Aseptic Cabinet
BOD Incubator Bottle washing Machine Bottle Sealing Machine
Bulk Density Apparatus Conical Percolator (glass/ copper/ stainless steel) Capsule Counter
Energy meter Hot Plate Humidity Control Oven
Liquid Filling Machine Mechanical stirrer with speed regulator Precision Melting point Apparatus
Tray Drier Distillation Unit Rheometer
Viscometer Sonicator Respinometer
BOD Incubator Paper Electrophoresis Unit Micro Centrifuge


Ostwald’s viscometer Stalagmometer Desiccator
Suppository moulds Buchner Funnels Small, medium, large Filtration assembly
Permeability Cups Andreason’s Pipette Lipstick moulds


Mr. Ramkumar R P

Mr. Sujith Sebastian Mathew M

Ms. Rajitha P

Mrs. Aswathy B

Mrs. Labeeba Paduvan Padath