Rules & Regulations

1. Discipline, Ethos, Conduct of Students:

  •  Ragging is strictly prohibited. Instances of ragging will be dealt with seriously by the anti-ragging cell.
  •  Students involved in malpractices at the College/University Examinations will be severely dealt with.
  •  Students who involve in any indisciplinary activities, the decision of Disciplinary Committee & the Management will be the final.
  •  If any candidate discontinues the course after closing of admissions, the candidate has to pay liquidated damages to the tune of full fee of the course.
  •  Keeping and using of mobile phone by the students is banned in the college premises. If anybody violate it the phone will be seized and will be returned after completion of the course.
  • Students who leave the Campus during working hours for any purpose have to produce Outpass to the Security.
  • The valuable belongings (cash, books, Jewells etc) of the students should be in their own custody. The college will not be responsible for lost/ theft/ damage of the same nor will entertain reports of the above.
  • Students should not damage any of the college properties like furniture, Lab equipments etc.

In general, students should be polite, civil and to respect the Principal & Staff of the College.

2. Dress Code & Neatness

You must wear College Uniform and ID card while in the college premises. Neat and clean aprons must be worn in the practical lab.  Wearing shoes is mandatory for all students. Students not adhering to dress code will not be permitted to attend the classes. Students will not be entertained in the college premises for any requirement without proper dress code during working hours.

3. Regularity

  • You are allowed to take leave with the prior permission from concern class coordinator /College; otherwise leave will not be acceptable. Mass leave permission will not be granted at any situation.
  • Students shoul be punctual to the college,Students have a valuable reason may inform to the college office before 9.15am. In repeated latecoming you are not allowed to enter the college
  • Students having less than 80% of attendance (theory & practical separately) will not be permitted to write the Sessional & University exams.
  •  After the leave students have to produce permission letter signed by parents to class coordinator. For three and more than three days it has to be submitted to the Principal.
  • Student participation in picnic, marriage functions & parties etc. are not allowed by the college authorities.

4. Studies :

  • Students should keep their main focus on studies only. If they have any doubts/ clarifications, they can discuss with their teacher in charge.
  • KUHS Regulation will be strictly followed by the college. Studens may ask the teachers or go through KUHS site to know about that.
  • 50% marks is the pass for both internal & University Examinations.
  • Three sessional examinations shall be conducted. The average marks of best two examinations shall be computed out of a maximum of 50 marks and constitute the sessional marks in theory. Sessional Practical Exam will be conducting at the end of academic year. Completion & certification of Record note book is mandatory.
  •  Appraisal of students’ performance will be sent to their parents/ guardians after every sessional examination.

5. Payment of Fees & Dues :

You are expected to pay the college tuition fees, uniform fees, Hostel fees and expenditure for course materials and journals and other dues in time as per schedule. If not, you may be susceptible to pay fine.

6. Communications:

All the communications will be send to the address /phone number given by you at the time of admission. Only parents are allowed to contact the college to know the ward’s progress and any details.